New Year’s Blog Advice: Brogramming…“Dude, I am totally too faded to deal with this noise”.

Ok, first of all, we love brogramming.  As most of us here are Georgia Tech graduates, we completely understand the joke, brogramming culture, and idiosyncrasies all too well. Make no mistake. There are indeed many accomplished GT programmers who have arisen from the lowly ranks of typical dorm room brogrammer to advanced programming phenom. We definitely get it and there is a list of distinguished ex-brogrammers including a few that we know personally but for obvious reasons, shall remain nameless…Anyway, during last year’s annual Twilio conference in San Francisco, Rob “Chad” Specitre of Twilio makes a hilarious and light-hearted speech on the brogramming phenomena and its culture. It’s really funny and seriously EPIC. If you are looking to hire a new web development firm for the New Year, then you may want to ensure that those guys are indeed not brogrammers. Happy New Year!

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