NYC Dark!

We’d like to start by saying that everyone here loves New York. We have many colleagues, friends, and family members with strong ties to the city that never sleeps. So on this final day of 2012 we wanted to dedicate this post to them. As you know, we are all about technology, information, creative expression, and thought proving insights. The video NYC Dark provides a captivating look into the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the void created when basic technologies such as electricity, mobile service, and clean running water cease to exist. The city becomes an eerie reminder of how vulnerable we all are in moments of great crisis. We consistently work with high levels of advanced technology each day and we can only imagine how difficult and cumbersome our lives would become if the most basic and fundamental of these technologies, electricity for instance, vanished for any significant period of time. Our company, current way of life and our very technological existence would undoubtedly come to a screeching halt. Please check out this short but very fascinating video synopsis created by Already Alive. To help the victims of Hurricane Sandy or to donate to many other areas of need, please visit for more information.