(SEO) Search Engine Optimizaton and Strategy

The importance of search engine optimization is widely known and there are major differences when it comes to strategic SEO planning and execution. We believe in defining, developing, and executing a specifically tailored plan that’s designed exclusively for your company. While modern SEO is still very traditional, it also rapidly becoming increasingly social. We understand the dynamics of merging new technologies within the traditional parameters of SEO. We work to create a balance between methods to maximize growth, increase visitor traffic, and improve overall website visibility. We strategically design optimized paths for your website’s visitors to take that will ensure higher and more consistent rates of conversion. We specialize in organic and algorithmic SEO as well as paid search campaigns (SEM).

(SEM) Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click)

Achieving improvements in search results faster and easier… We will create, design, and manage various SEM strategies including Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo! Search Marketing. We will research keywords, create ads, and continually monitor and manage your campaign. We will employ our proprietary strategies that we have developed over the years that ensures results for your business.

Interact With Clients More Effectively By Understanding Data…

Measurements and Analytics:

When it comes to your company’s website statistics, you need to know the bottom line and all of the key facts. We will implement performance measurements that monitor all information established by the SEO program. We identify trends and data demonstrating, in our professional view, the best overall performance for any given timeframe. We use this data and information to plot, forecast, and predict where the current and next areas of large traffic increases will likely occur. We continually analyze all website statistics to ensure that all improvement opportunities are being met. These statistics include which portion of your website’s visitors are mobile, which browsers are being used, page rankings, bounce rates, and other related statistical trends. All information collected is compiled and entered into our in house custom SEO software to further target and enrich your campaign.

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